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Supporting the Jimmy Armour Student Support Fund ensures vital support is given to the next generation of Glasgow Vets

On the 31st of October 2021, aged 92, former member of staff, Dean and Vice-Principal and Chair of the Vet Fund, Professor Sir James Armour passed away. To commemorate his dedication to supporting and ensuring all veterinary students had the opportunity to thrive at Glasgow regardless of their background the School of Veterinary Medicine have decided to launch the Jimmy Armour Student Support Fund.

Who was Sir James “Jimmy” Armour?

Jimmy was one of Glasgow Vet School’s most distinguished alumni and staff member.

He grew up in Ayrshire and attended Glasgow Vet School from 1947 to 1952. After qualifying he initially worked in West Africa before returning to Glasgow Vet School in 1963 to join the group of scientists who had developed ‘Dictol’. With Jimmy’s drive and ability, the parasitologists in Glasgow became one of the largest groups in the world. He rose rapidly from lecturer to senior lecturer, to reader and was promoted Professor of Veterinary Parasitology in 1976. He was an international expert on the pathogenesis and control of gastrointestinal parasites. He served on many national and international committees including the Veterinary Products Committee from 1987 to 1996 and was awarded a CBE for his services. In 1986 he was elected Dean of Glasgow Vet School and when in 1989 the Riley Committee recommended the closure of Glasgow and Cambridge Vet Schools Jimmy led a highly effective campaign and Glasgow Vet School was successfully saved from closure. Jimmy was awarded a knighthood and the School enjoyed a period of considerable expansion.

Jimmy was not only a great scientist and leader but also a gifted teacher who gave inspiring lectures and had an amazing memory for student names. It is these qualities along with his love of sport, he was an exceptional golfer, which endeared him to generations of Glasgow Vet Students and we wish to now honour his name through the creation of this student support fund.

“Despite his numerous honours Jimmy Armour was a man of the people and egalitarian in his approach. This fund to help less advantaged students with the expenses of gaining clinical experience during their university vacations is hugely fitting to Jimmy’s ethos”. - Professor Peter Holmes, Chair of Vet Fund and Founding Donor

How will supporting the Jimmy Armour Student Support Fund make a difference?

The Jimmy Armour Student Support Fund will provide vital funding to support the costs associated with Extra Mural Studies (EMS), or ‘Seeing Practice’ as it was known, for our undergraduate Vet students. Primarily, the fund will provide support for our growing community of Widening Participation (WP) students in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Over the course of their degrees, our Vet students must undertake 38 weeks of placement in total. However, students from deprived backgrounds can struggle to take advantage of placement opportunities far from Glasgow as these are usually unpaid, without accommodation and require time away from any part time jobs they may depend on.

Currently there are approximately 71 students at the Vet School who come from a financially challenging background. As little as £150 per week of placement, or £5700 in total to cover the duration of the recipient’s undergraduate course, would open up a world of opportunity for a student in this position. As you will know, Extra Mural Studies are an integral part of our student’s degree, including the opportunity to gain experience in a clinical environment, and we want to ensure that all students can make the most of their time at Glasgow Vet School.

“Dad saw education as the key to improving lives and society as a whole. He believed in equal opportunity so providing support to talented students under financial constraints fits perfectly with his values.” - Craig Armour, son of Sir Jimmy Armour and Founding Donor

A gift of £1,000 will help cover a student's travel, resources and equipment for 6 weeks of Extra Mural Studies. Ensuring every student student regardless of background has the opportunity to undertake vital experiences and placements required on the veterinary course.

Donations of all sizes are welcome, with your support we want to raise enough to permanently endow the fund and award the fund in perpetuity, continuing his legacy and providing for generations of students to come.

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