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Supporting our Hardship Funds ensures students have a place to turn when the unexpected happens. You can help provide a safety net during uncertain times.

We can’t always predict the challenges we might face during our time at University. Sudden bereavement, changed circumstances, and the impact of events at home can plunge us into financial difficulties we could never have predicted. When that happens, the University of Glasgow’s hardship funds are there to offer a safety net to help students get through the worst. Students are welcomed to the University of Glasgow’s community from all over the world. We want each student in our community to realise their dream of a Glasgow education regardless of the challenges they face.

In the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, armed conflict and rising energy and food prices have forced many students into financial crisis. The University’s hardship funds have faced—and will continue to face—unprecedented demands for emergency support.

Whether a student is facing the impact of bereavement, conflict, or economic challenge, you can give them a helping hand. With your help, they can go on to change the world.

"People don't always realise the difference our help can make. A small grant can be the difference between a student in crisis continuing their studies or having to walk away from University. It can change the course of someone's life." - Alan McConnell, Financial Aid Manager.

A crisis can force someone to seek short-term help to meet the cost of living. A single donation of:

  • £32 could pay for one week’s food
  • £63 could pay a student’s electricity bill for a month
  • £550 could pay a student’s rent for a month
  • £750 could help a student from overseas get home in an emergency

Whether you donate £10 per month or a single donation, please help us support a student in crisis by making a donation to our hardship funds today.

You can be part of ensuring that no student has to walk away from their education due to financial burden. 

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