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Education makes an enormous difference to people's lives.

Financial restrictions should never be a barrier to the brightest and most driven students securing an education. Over 25% of our students come from the 40% most deprived areas in Scotland. People like you have helped us offer all levels of scholarships to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Scholarships have the potential to: 

  • Open up opportunities and experiences for students they never dreamt.
  • Unlock potential in people from any background, anywhere in the world.
  • Enable talented students, who go on to contribute to the global community, to study.
  • Give the brightest minds the opportunity to advance their knowledge for the improvement of life for everyone.
  • Unburden students from the financial strain of multiple jobs whilst studying.

Scholarships ensure that Glasgow continues to attract students of ability and potential from a broad socio-economic base. It will also provide students with the opportunity to study abroad and give them the skills they need to succeed in our new global economy.

A scholarship can be the difference between a student taking up their place at University or not; whether they complete their course or not – or even whether they are able to consider higher education at all. You can help be part of someone’s journey. You can be the difference in their student experience, they opportunity they need to access education.

Ryan, a scholarship recipient who has now completed his studies thanks to people like you, says: “By allowing just one person to achieve their potential based on ability and not their ability to pay you create an intergenerational ripple effect. The total impact of which I will never be able to describe.”

Help today’s generation of world changers to succeed.

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