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The Chancellor’s Fund supports innovation. Funding inspiring projects that have an impact across the University and wider community.

Since starting in 1999, supporters like you have helped us fund over 570 projects. Your support goes towards helping students, staff and societies maximise their experience here at Glasgow. It pushes them to achieve extraordinary things and fulfil their potential, making Glasgow and the Global community better.

Support for the Chancellor’s Fund allows us to:

  • Support students by helping to provide a rich and rewarding university experience
  • Enhance the learning environment by providing access to new technologies and enhanced facilities
  • Develop excellence by providing financial support for research, teaching and promoting academic developments
  • Preserve the University, enhancing the physical and cultural heritage of the University
  • Advance projects aimed at tackling environmental sustainability in line with the University's response to the climate change emergency

It is vital for students to step outside the classroom a develop other skills and experiences. The Chancellor’s Fund is here to ensure those opportunities can be supported, especially if support isn’t available elsewhere.

Here's a few highlights from projects your support made a reality:

The Dear Green Bothy: A Cultural Hub and Civic Refuge

The Dear Green Bothy is a six month programme of activities and events demonstrating the pivotal role arts and humanities play in not only understanding climate change, but also addressing it. Its aim is to create spaces for the local community, researchers, staff, students and arts to come together to discuss and tackle a global issue that affect us all. The programme of free activities hosted by the College of Arts will allow the University to be a part of a vital global conversation. 

You can read more about these events at It is an incredible project bringing together the UofG community with other Universities, the city and the global community to highlight some of the incredible work done here whilst also getting involved in something relevant to us all.

Every Mind Matters: Enhancing Awareness of Mental Health, Disability & Race

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing. It has also had a disproportionate effect on disabled people and those from BAME backgrounds. To help the university with the Covid-19 recovery, this project aims to focus specifically on these three areas by destigmatising mental health discussions in the work place. Help staff gain a better understanding of the barriers disabled people face and raising awareness of racism and providing staff with tools to deal with inappropriate behaviour. 

Help us inspire the new generation of UofG!

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