Chancellor's Fund

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The Chancellor’s Fund supports innovation. Funding inspiring projects that have an impact across the University and wider community.

Since starting in 1999, supporters like you have helped us fund over 570 projects. Your support goes towards helping students, staff and societies maximise their experience here at Glasgow. It pushes them to achieve extraordinary things and fulfil their potential, making Glasgow and the Global community better.

Support for the Chancellor’s Fund allows us to:

• Support students by helping to provide a rich and rewarding university experience.

• Enhance the learning environment by providing access to new technologies and enhanced facilities.

• Develop excellence by providing financial support for research, teaching and promoting academic developments.

• Preserve the University, enhancing the physical and cultural heritage of the University.

As a student it is vital to step outside the classroom a develop other skills and experiences. The Chancellor’s Fund is here to ensure opportunities can be supported, especially if support isn’t available elsewhere.

In the past support has helped:

Help us continue to make the impossible possible.

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