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The University of Glasgow has been at the forefront of change, excellence, and innovation for over 550 years. Helping shape the City of Glasgow, with the help of supporters, for centuries.

Our development has now reached a critical stage. The University needs to adapt and expand to ensure that Glasgow remains a global leader in learning and research.

With your help we will deliver a £1B programme of investment, changing the landscape of both the University and the West End. Creating a campus worthy of Glasgow, attracting world-class expertise and enabling ground-breaking discoveries. Providing the best opportunities to the next generation of students.

With your support we plan on creating a smart and inclusive campus. One that utilises the latest technologies and invites the community onto campus. Our plan is to remove old boundaries and establish civic spaces. Creating welcoming entrances and gateways, so the community feels welcome on campus. With open walkways, glass fronts and inviting displays the community can feel welcome on campus and be part of our community.    


Thanks to your generosity the James McCune Smith Learning Hub opened in April 2021. This building will nurture talent and provide the best environment for our students to thrive in. This flagship development will:

  • Provide inspirational and diverse learning spaces
  • Combine flexible study and social learning with multi-styled and technology-enabled teaching.
  • Allow for extended access so that students can study around their circumstances
  • Provide the students with a new heart of campus.        


The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre (ARC) will be the creative and collaborative heart of research at the University of Glasgow and officially opened in June 2022 by Nobel Laureate and graduate, Professor Sir David MacMillan. 

The ARC will bring together the right people in order to help tackle today’s global challenges. It will engage and connect the University with industry, the City of Glasgow and global research and policy communities to make a difference to people’s lives. Innovative minds need spaces in which to thrive and The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre is all about creating a catalyst for change, excellence and innovation.

The Clarice Pears Institute for Health and Wellbeing is well underway for delivery in 2023, and will house a multidisciplinary centre for health, producing world-leading research on health policy, practice and behaviours that will improve global health and reduce inequalities.

Professor Jill Pell, Director of the Institute of Heath and Wellbeing, says the following about the work facilitated here: “For the first time in decades we face the likelihood that children will live shorter lives than their parents due to the rise in obesity and type II diabetes. Health services cannot cope with the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. Prevention is the only option.”

Support Campus Development today, be a part of your University’s future.

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